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Hollandia began producing bikes in Amsterdam in 1886; today it’s one of Europe’s largest, most famous bike brands. Hollandia pride itself on 3 main things: bikes you can rely on for years, with stylish & functional design. Riders falls in love with Hollandia and often never buy a different bikes. 

About Us

In 1886 D.H. Eysink set up an installation company in Amersfoort that specialized in steam engines and gas installations. The company soon started producing high bi’s and tricycles for the local market on a small scale. They also sold a small amount of British import bicycles.

When the Rover had its breakthrough not long after this, Eysink, which had meanwhile grown into a family business, saw the demand for bicycles increase enormously. It was then decided to discontinue the sale of other brands and to concentrate on their own production from now on. However, purchased parts were used. These not only came from abroad, but were also bought from Simplex.

very good quality

Eysink’s bicycles were of very good quality and were not inferior to the best that the highly acclaimed English manufacturers brought onto the market. The company thus acquired a good name.
The brand name became ‘Hollandia’ for some time to emphasize that it was about bicycles from home. This name would later be dropped and it became simply ‘Eysink’.

By 1895 Eysink had grown enough to start his first series production. In a catalog from 1896, 12 different models are offered. The company had to expand immediately to meet all the demand.

the ultimate destination

Eysink’s other activities now quickly faded into the background. For a number of years, the focus shifted entirely to the production of bicycles. That would soon change after the turn of the century. Once again, the company was sucked into a new development, namely the rise of motorized traffic. That is where the ultimate destination of this company would lie, so that it would mainly go down in history as one of the most important motor and car factories in the Netherlands.

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Olé Guapa

Wheel size 28″
Frame size 21″
Gears 3
Frame alloy